League of Legends Fan Art

Welcome to one of my hobbies - playing League of Legends! The characters in the game have several 'skins' (outfits or custom looks) and from time to time Riot encourages the fanbase to create their own skins or develop ideas based on the game.

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        Beach Sports Skin Line (2018), digital

        This work features Ahri (the ninetailed fox) in a one piece swimsuit playing beach volleyball, Ekko (the boy who shattered time) in outdoor summer clothing playing beach cricket and Taliyah (the stoneweaver) wearing a surfing suit sitting in front of a surfboard.

        The three proposed skins were part of a competition called Ocean Week by the OCE League of Legends community.


        Lunar Soraka (2018), digital

        This work features Soraka (the star child), a centaur healer and worshiper of the stars. She is lighting lanterns in celebration of the chinese new year.

            Tennis Yordles (2018), digital

            From the view of Tristana (the yordle gunner), is a scene of outdoor fun. Yordles, in the League of Legends universe, are small, furry creatures that have an outgoing personality. The scene includes champions Poppy (keeper of the hammer, or in this case, a racket), Rumble (the mechanised menace), Ziggs (the hexplosives expert) and in the middle, Gnar (the missing link). In the background, known for missing out and having no friends, is Amumu (the sad mummy). Amumu is seen hogging the other racket in hopes that someone would have asked him to play.

           Sarah Fortune (2018), digital

           Based on the female pirate character, Miss Fortune, whom features twin pistols, slightly curly hair and a pirate hat. Here she is seen on the edge of a ship, firing a bullet at the viewer with a slight frown.

NOTE: due to the violence seen in the image this is labelled MATURE CONTENT on many art platforms including RedBubble and DeviantArt. Consider this when viewing. 

           Disco Taric (2018), digital

          Taric is a flamboyant character in League of Legends and is known for his long, glossy hair, love for gems and jewelery, and even has a skin featuring pink fluffy boots. I decided to take him to the 70s with a bit of disco fever - silk oversized shirt, high waisted, tight pants and a Fabio-like expression as he sings on the dance floor!

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League of Legends Fan Art

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