Why Buy Art?

Why buy art?

The world around us is spectacular, yet we naturally train ourselves to focus on the important; the shopping list, the emails, what to do for dinner... and after a while the mind becomes drained. We get the blues, we become bored and we hit a creative brick wall. At times we need to step back and open up again - notice the things out of the window, the eyelashes on a giraffe, the clouds in the sky. But even then we cannot simply punch holes in the barrier that seperates us from isolating ourselves.

Art is like mindfullness in a way. It brings the focus down to simple things. What we see, where the emphasis is, the colours and textures, the subject and what it makes us think about. It is more than a picture. The right art hones in the viewer in a way that they think not just anything, but something in particular. If you look at it long enough, Art becomes more than something that is aesthetically pleasing, it visually presents you with a thought to ponder over. An illustrator creates a picture, but an artist becomes a guide.

What is an orignal artwork?

Original Art is one of a kind. It is the actual paint on the canvas or pencil on paper that the artist has worked on. Once it is purchased, the ownership of the physical art object is transfered to the purchasee. The original is always more expensive than the prints, but only the original art gains value over time. In purchasing the original, you are purchasing the unique piece that gains in value the longer you own it. Keep in mind that the artist still owns intellectual rights to the artwork and selling copies is prohibited.

       Lucinda Makin currently uses Etsy to sell all original pieces.

What is a print?

A Print can be one of two things - either it is a result of a stamp or lino cut out by the artist or, most commonly, it is a copy of the artwork. Prints is a much cheaper option for many who cannot afford hundreds or thousands for a piece of art. The value of the artwork may be retained if the copies are limited, so you know that there are only a small amount of copies in existance, but many prints are not. Unlike the original, the print does depreciate in value, but if your goal is not to invest, prints are a great cost-effective option for you. If you purchase a print, you cannot make more copies of it, even if you do not intend to sell copies. The artist still holds intellectual rights of the artwork.

          Lucinda Makin uses Deviant Art for canvas prints and RedBubble for murchandise prints.

What about commissions?

A commissioned piece is an artwork you hire an artist to make specifically for you. They make great personalised presents or can capture a memory and is a great alternative to cheap photoshopped jobs. Getting a commissioned piece means you get a one of a kind artwork and it helps artists sustain their business. The best benefit, is that unlike gallery pieces, you also own all rights to the prints. All intellectual ownership belongs to the commissioner and not the artist. This guarantees privacy of your image. The only downside is the risk that the piece may not turn out as you would like it to, so do your research into the artist's work to see what their style is like.

          See the commissions tab for more information or get in touch!

What inspires you?

One part of my inspiration is music. I love listening to trance and soft house music while I work. I love branching out into new music around the world for new ideas. My other go to is my camera. As soon as I spot something interesting, I snap, and write down my ideas. Often it is something with balance and shape. I know I often use a lot of greys in my work, but it is what stands out of the grey that usually catches my eye.

My other source of inspiration is my disability. I have bipolar disorder, and with that comes waves of depression and anxiety, but also spontaneous energy at times. Managing it is tough, as it requires many medications, discipline, routine and a feeling that I am dragging my own feet. Translating this struggle into art manages my moods and raises awareness for mental health. Bipolar disorder is a lifelong illness.

Have any questions? Get in touch!

NOTE: In the case of digital art, the original does not exist and only prints can be purchased.

NOTE: Often the artist will refrain from selling prints until the original artwork is sold to make sure they earn a minimum wage for making the piece.

Thank you for your interest in a living artist. The dead don't need the money!

Why Buy Art?

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