I have a photo of a portrait/landscape/object that I would like turned into an art piece. Can you do that?

Of course! If you like my style and trust me to! An artwork can never be the same as the photo though, so understand that there will be a difference, but it will be beautiful. The difficult part is that you are purchasing the equivalent of the original artwork before seeing it, and there are no changes afterwards.

First of all consider the artwork size. How much detail is in it? Where is the artwork going to go? Consider the larger the artwork, the more detail I can fit into it, however, I do have tiny brushes for small artworks!

To make things easy, I work with standard A rectangle sizes for rectangular pieces. For square artworks, I do 30cm, 50cm and 75cm square.

What are your prices?


30cm square, A3 portrait, A3 landscape                        - $439 artwork only or include matting, glass and frame $549

50cm square, A2 portrait, A2 landscape                        - $769 artwork only or include matting, glass and frame $929

75cm square, A1 portrait, A1 landscape                        - $1439 artwork only or include matting, glass and frame $1789

          Note: matting is not available for the larger pieces. Glass may be included but not guaranteed. Don't worry, the artwork will be sealed if it is exposed.

          Note: prices does not include shipping costs. This is because shipping varies on location and size.

I follow recommendations from NAVA ( for hourly rates to uphold the security and reputation of Australian artists.

So how does the process work?

All consultation before committing to the project is free. I want you to make sure you know how the work will turn out.

When you are happy with the project idea and would like to order the piece, I require a 50% minimum deposit. I will not start the project until payment is made.

If there is any additional costs, eg. shipping, I will let you know ASAP.

Once the piece is finished, I will hold all rights to the artwork until the final payment, and will only ship the artwork once all payment is made. When this is done, you own the artwork and all rights to it, including prints and copies. The artwork will be signed with my initials on the front, and a more detailed signature with artwork details on the back.


What if I don't like it at all?

This is where it gets tricky. The final consultation does allow for minimal changes but that's it. At that time I have used all the materials and equipment and I cannot restart the piece without asking for more money to cover the costs. However, many artists, including myself may offer a small discount for restarting as I will save an hour or two on sketching initial plans.

I would love to create your vision!



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